EFX Performance ATV, UTV and Golf Cart Tires

EFX Performance ATV, UTV and Golf Cart Tires

EFX Tires – Performance ATV/UTV Engineering

EFX Performance Golf Car/LSV Tires

EFX ATV tires and golf cart tires have been a leader in construction, ride quality, fit, finish, and of course design for many years. In order to compliment our atv wheel and golf cart wheel lines, EFX Performance Tires live up to the same standards as our atv wheels and golf cart wheels. Whether you are riding a 10” EFX Pro-Rider for a golf cart or a 15” EFX Motogrip on a Polaris RZR 4, you will notice the immediate difference in comfort and performance.

Step out of the norm and apply some EFX Rubber to your ride. We have fitments for nearly all manufacturers and specific models – if you would like assistance in determining if any of our styles will fit your machine, please contact your local dealer or call us toll free: (800) 734 4890.

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EFX Performance Tires | ATV | UTV | Golf Car | LSV

Wheel Pros Powersports Division Warranty Information
Limited Warranty available on all EFX Performance tires:
Wheel Pros Powersports Division warrants that all EFX tires, when properly installed will be free from structural and manufacturer defects under normal and reasonable use for a full year from date of purchase (original receipt must be returned with warranty).

This warranty does not cover corrosion due to chemicals, improper cleaning or maintenance, climatic conditions, neglect or tires damaged in transit, mounting, installation, accident, alteration or loading beyond rated capacity. Upon purchase of this product you assume all costs involved in dismounting/mounting and installation of product to determine causes of possible vibration outside a determination of a defective wheel. If you have purchased a tire that is larger in overall size than your original equipment, you may be required to install additional upgrades to your vehicle to accommodate the larger diameter wheels and tires. We suggest visiting your local dealer or professional installer for recommendations. If you do not have a dealer in your local area, call us and we will locate one to assist you with any questions.

Wheel Pros Powersports Division agrees, at its sole discretion to replace any product determined to be defective without charge to the original consumer purchaser. This warranty does not include costs involved in installation, labor or freight. This warranty is provided only to the original consumer purchaser of the tire(s), and represents the sole and exclusive remedy of the owner. This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights under applicable law.

Wheel Pros Powersports Division expressly disclaims any representations and all expressed or implied warranties by an individual or contract other than those found in this agreement, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use or purpose to the fullest extent allowed by law.

For further assistance, call us toll free at: (800) 734-4890

Consumer Care and Maintenance
Cleaning your wheels:
With regular cleaning and care, the finish of your wheels will last a very long time. Removing dirt, mud and dust promptly, greatly reduces the corrosion process. Clean your wheels with a mild soap and water, and a clean non-abrasive towel. Rinse with clean water and dry.

Tire Mounting and Installation:
We recommend you have your wheels mounted by a professional who is experienced in mounting aftermarket wheels and/or tires. The applicable specifications and information necessary for the proper mounting of tires and installation of wheels is too voluminous to provide herein, and these instructions do not take the place of such specifications and information. If you need assistance in selecting a dealer, please call us and we will be happy to help you locate a professional installer in your area.

Prior to the tire being mounted on the wheel, the wheel must be checked on the vehicle for proper clearance. To check proper fitment, wheel should fit on the vehicle without force. Warranty and return is voided if wheel is mounted on any tire without prior knowledge and consent from Wheel Pros Powersports Division.

The tire manufacturer’s rim width recommendations must be followed for the proper tire and wheel combination. Check for proper fender, brake and suspension clearance. Improper tire mounting, fitting or wheel installation is not safe for you or your vehicle, for it may result in improper tire wear, failure of the tire to properly hold air, or explosion of the tire upon filling with air resulting in serious injury and property damage.

It is not mandatory that you use lug nuts supplied by Wheel Pros Powersports Division, but we recommend it. Your installer can contact us toll free at 800.734.4890 to order a kit. On all installations, proper torque specifications must be used. You must return to the installer after 10 miles and check/retorque your wheels if necessary. Failure to do so is extremely unsafe and could cause an accident resulting in serious bodily injury and/or property damage.

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